Deepcool TF120 S 120mm Beast-Unleashing Radiator Case Fan(DP-GS-H12FDB-TF120S-WH)

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  • STRONGER PERFORMANCE:Compared to average fans, TF120S wields 10% higher maximum air pressure, and 15% higher maximum airflow.Installing TF120S can improve the performance of your radiator by an average of 10%.
  • SCIENTIFIC BASIS:The max. air pressure determines fans’ penetrating power; the max. airflow determines fans’ air transmission ability;an elevation in both parameters can improve the fans’ performance comprehensively.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DESIGNS:The unique wasp waist fan frame design can effectively elevate max. air pressure.
  • LOW-NOISE DESIGNS:Turbulator teeth are placed on the exhaust side of the frame, which can significantly lower the noise and vibration caused by the airflow.In addition, 8 rubber pads are attached on the corners of frames to further absorb vibration.

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