C2G 41368 Active High Speed HDMI Cable, in-Wall CL3-Rated (75 Feet, 22.86 Meters)

Sale price$278.92


  • HIGH SPEED - Supports resolutions up to 1080p for a crisp HD image and High-Speed HDMI features such as 3D, Deep Color, DTS-HD 7.1, Dolby 7.1, CEC and more for a bright, clear video experience
  • IN-WALL RATED JACKET - This CMG-Rated jacket is fire resistant, and is often required in educational and commercial installations, but can also be used for home install requirements as well.
  • DIRECTIONAL CABLE WITH BUILT-IN ACTIVE SIGNAL BOOSTER- This labeled cable ensures that you are connecting each end properly for the best video connection. The active signal booster allows the A/V signal to transmit longer distances with no signal degradation.
  • MOLDED GOLD-PLATED CONNECTORS -Corrosion resistant connectors provide optimal video signal transfer and a durable, long life. Molded jacket will provide excellent strain relief against conductor damage
  • FOIL AND BRAID SHIELD - Double shielding prevents and protects the cable from unwanted noise interference that can disrupt video transmission signals.

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