LG 65EJ5E-B 65" 4K Ultra HD Wallpaper OLED Video Wall Display, 0.9mm Bezel

Sale price$7,618.04


  • 65â€?, 3,840 x 2,160, 400nit
  • Limitless contrast & the deepest blacks; self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce absolutes blacks w/ no light bleed, offering infinite contrast
  • Accurate & stable color reproduction; self-lighting pixels bring colors to life w/ superb accuracy
  • Delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles
  • LG’s OLED tech. unlocks the new worlds of design flexibility w/ unbelievably lightweight & slim display
  • The subtle edge of the wallpaper OLED totally blends in w/ the wall giving audiences the sensation that content is being played directly within the wall itself
  • By tiling up displays horizontally & vertically, the screen size can be as large as users want
  • A LAN daisy chain is supported, allowing you to execute commands to control & monitor the displays & even update their firmware
  • Wall Fixers Optimized for Simple Tiling
  • New cables are pliable enough to be easily embedded in a wall or other structures

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